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About The Artist

Magdalena Giesek – 1979 Gdansk, Poland.

– I discovered my passion for painting during my stay in South America in 2002. Delightful landscapes and exotic shapes opened my imagination to color, which became my favorite form of artistic expression - says Magdalena Giesek, a painter and illustrator. And the color in her works indeed can not be overlooked.

She graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is also a graduate of the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Warsaw.

And it is Latin America that largely defines her artistic work. It was there that Giesek discovered her love for painting, which quickly became her path. And so, since 2002, he has not parted with his brush.

It was the "evergreen continent" that inspired her to pursue artistic quests, where she began to create - initially on... the wall of her room.

But the longer she painted, the stronger her roots grew in painting, which at some point became a way of life.

Magdalena Giesek's work is characterized by a riot of colors, unusual shapes and crazy landscapes. Because it is color that is her favorite form of expression. From South America, she went to Spain, where she added new techniques and forms of expression to intense colors.

The painter's style is difficult to define. It is a rich mix of ideas and motifs that create an unusual fusion of what is most beautiful in color and most fascinating in contact with the recipient. Because he is the most important here. The artist, as she says herself, is looking for direct contact with another person - the one who looks at her work.

The idea of ​​Giesek's paintings is formed somewhere at the junction of a complicated, multidimensional composition and naive art. The years spent in Colombia brought her closer to South American primitivism, which she successfully transfers to her canvases. The fascination with nature, nature and the place of man in the world is reflected here. From the painfully urbanized reality, Giesek extracts instincts and purity born in contact with what is true and sincere.

Subsequent works burst with crazy energy and color, referring to the canvases of such masters as Henri Rousseau or Teofil Ociepka. This is art that breaks away from traditional European perception and enters a wild, passionate world devoid of the stigma of cynical intellectualism.

Today, the artist's works can be found in private collections around the world. They were impressed by the creativity Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara, an acting couple from Hollywood.

The painter also created illustrations for the Śpiewnik Gdańskich Lwiątek. Her canvases have been exhibited in Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, and even Japan and Colombia, with which she is also deeply connected privately. The painting titled "Ojo Felino" was awarded in a competition organized by the Municipality of Totana, Spain. Sam Giesek was a two-time scholarship holder of the Foundation for Artists, founded by Lucas Karrvaz. In 2020, she received a scholarship for creators of culture, awarded by the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

And when she's not painting, Magdalena Giesek produces videoart films by her husband, Javier Bernal-Arevalo. The joint work of the pair of artists has been appreciated, among others by the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Flora Ars Natura art space in Bogota.