About The Artist

About The Artist

About The Artist

Magdalena Giesek – 1979 Gdansk, Poland.

Graduated in political sciences from University of Gdansk and Latin American affairs from University of Warsaw.

In 2002 after a stay in Latin America she discovered her passion for painting.

The  voluptuousness of the landscapes and their exotic forms opened her mind and soul to color, being this her favorite method of expression.

The search for new inspiration took her to Spain in the year 2005 where she developed her technique and shapes.

Her works had been exhibited in Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Japan and Colombia.

Her style finds inspiration in a variety of languages from latin primitivism to mediterranean cubism, searching a direct and real dialogue with the viewer, without discourses or distractions, being the color it self  the main connector of communication.

Its important to underline as well that she won the Totana's (Spain)  painting contest in 2006 and that she has been selected twice as a fellow grant honoree by the Karvazz Artistic Foundation.

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